Stéphane Aviron Chénas AOP


Stéphane Aviron Chénas AOP, BeaujolaisFrance 2020 (750ml)



Stéphane Aviron strives for a style that is elegant and fine in the Chénas without too much concentration. The wine is very drinkable. With his subtle approach to winemaking, the terroir is able to express itself very clearly and precisely. Dark black cherry colour with purple. Deep, ripe aromas of black cherry with a hint of black pepper. Very good weight; fleshy and round, very soft and harmonious. Delicious now or could be aged for several years.



Stéphane Aviron can be considered a pioneer is his approach to winemaking in Beaujolais, however he would just tell you that he’s simply returning to the traditional practices that have always made fantastic Gamay wines. Sustainable viticulture, extremely old vines and classic Burgundian techniques.

The Stéphane Aviron Chénas is produced very vines that average over 100 years old, ranging in plantation from 1900 to 1923. Stéphane Aviron has been producing wines from this incredible 13.6-acre parcel since 1993. The soil is light and made up mostly of sand and small pebbles over a layer of clay and quartz. The old vines and poor soils combine for incredibly low yields and highly concentrated grapes.


Varietal: Gamay
Biodynamic, Sustainable, Vegan-Friendly, Volcanic
13% alc./vol