Alpamanta Breva Pet Nat


Alpamanta Breva Pet Nat, Mendoza, Argentina 2021 (750ml)


A dry, high-toned, cherry, rosehip note rich Pet Nat. The nose is intense and explosive, and you can feel some notes of fresh red fruits, such as cherries, plums, currants, blackberries, and raspberries. On the mid palate it has a sweet entrance, with Sweetness on the mid palate, with the mild effervescence lending to a refreshing finish. 

Extremely fresh and alive, think of it as sparkling Beaujolais! Chill well and have a glass on hand as it tends to be frothy upon opening!


Criolla is the Argentine name for what Chileans call País and Californians refer to as Mission. Despite its many names it is fairly ubiquitous in Latin America, spreading across Spain’s numerous colonies by way of the Canary Islands centuries ago. Long relegated to a secondary role it has lately become recognized as making delicious, refreshing dry reds including this sparkling version.

Varietal: Pais
Natural, Organic, Biodynamic 
Sparling Red
11.5% alc./vol