Radford Dale Thirst Clairette Blanche


Radford Dale Thirst Clairette Blanche, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2020 (750ml)


The Thirst Clairette Blanche explores how saltiness and acidity can enhance the overall freshness of a wine. Extended skin maceration before fermentation has added complexity. It has a distinct minerality with splashes of green and stone fruits. It's an intriguing example of this quirky variety.

It offers exceptional refreshment and drinkability, as well as an interesting and complex collection of aromas and flavours. Driven by its fresh citrus zest, the wine shows great focus. Generous lime and lemon flavours delight the palate that is accented by a distinct minerality, before a long and tapering, saline finish.

Pairs well with seafood, vegetables or white meat.


Radford Dale and The Winery of Good Hope are two brands made by the same people, in the same winery. The team behind these wineries has been an industry leader since the 1990s in chemical free farming, and more recently in low and no sulfur winemaking. They are a founding member of PIWOSA (Premium Independent Wineries of South Africa) which sets ethical, environmental and social uplift standards. Recognizing the social inequality present in South Africa Radford Dale has also set up a trust called Land of Hope to help facilitate bright futures for children, focusing heavily on education.
Alex Dale who owns and manages both projects is an Englishman who grew up spending summers in Burgundy, France. He moved there in his late teens to follow a passion for winemaking and also opened a wine bar in Beaune. He lived in Burgundy for many years before moving to South Africa in 1998, starting Radford Dale with Ben Radford, an Australian. The idea was to produce wines using modern techniques and technology with a healthy respect for tradition, something Alex came to understand well while living in Burgundy.

Wines are made with minimal intervention in order to best express each vineyard’s individuality.

Varietal: Clairette
Natural, Sustainable
Light Bodied
12% alc./vol